About Us

Owned by the 100% black-owned Impuma Group, Motona Short-Term Insurance Risk, Advisory and intermediary services company. With its head office in Johannesburg and a nationwide presence, Motona has built its reputation on providing unparallelled Bill Protection schemes, offering consumers peace of mind (by covering bills during periods of short-term financial distress), value for money (by providing competitive pricing, compared to the existing market) and unrivalled experience and expertise (courtesy of its strategic partnerships with international industry-leaders).

Owned by the 100% black-owned Impuma Group, Motona is a short-term insurance Risk, Advisory and intermediary services company.

Our Services

Corporate Risk Management

  • Ensure proper insurance coverage through the measurement of loss exposures and the monitoring of changes in your risk profile.
  • Monitor insurance program coverage, limits, erosion and expiration dates while ensuring that vendors stay compliant with insurance requirements.
  • Allocate claims costs or insurance premium costs at a business unit level to drive accountability
  • Identify and document safety hazards, non-conformance items and quality-related issues, and determine the reasons why necessary controls aren’t in place.
  • Track and manage corrective and preventive action plans, ensuring proper implementation.
  • Monitor the efficacy of safety programs and benchmark performance by region and location.

Bill protection

Bill Protection is a dedicated insurance scheme covering the risk of a debtor being unable to pay their agreed monthly commitments due to loss of employment, accident, disability or sickness.

No additional cost of service.
Loss of employment, disability etc cover.
Enhanced Credit-worthiness profile.

Improved quality of debtors.
Credit impairment risk reduction.
24/7 support & claims service.
Lloyds of London 100% backing.

Why Motona

Why choose Motona’s Bill Protector?

Motona provides reliable, cost-effective Bill Protection cover that gives its customers – both individuals and corporates – the benefit of exclusive, highly competitive rates coupled with hassle-free processing and exceptional, efficient, professional service that is Financial Services Board compliant.

Motona is one of the leading Short-term Risk and Insurance Advisory services companies in South Africa, and is 100% black-owned. Our strategic partnerships with the world’s leading advisory services and insurance companies (e.g. Marsh, Seico) gives us the competitive edge when servicing our clients in giving the best possible risk and insurance solutions. On our intermediary capabilities front; we offer the “Bill Protector Product” that is unrivalled in South Africa and Europe in terms of competitiveness.

Potential Clients

Mobile companies
Customers going through financial distress

Utility Companies
Short term cover for Electricity, Rates

Retail Companies
Monthly installments cover

Corporate Social Investment

Building new properties creates an opportunity to revitalize communities. The Resident believes that architectural structures shouldn’t just uplift the districts where they’re raised; these landmarks should also leave legacies in communities that need a helping hand. By investing in the future of under-privileged South Africans that don’t have a solid foundation – secure family structures, quality education, or regular sustenance – we hope to give individuals the ability to build a better future.



Motona understands the strategic importance of education and skills development amongst the under-privileged students within South Africa. Ultimately these students will undoubtedly form part of the country’s future economy and are imperative to the future growth of our competitive markets. In 2017, collectively Motona and its associates raised over R 1 million towards its various CSI Projects. A portion of this funding was specifically set aside to provide financial support to various bursars identified from within our CSI network and affiliated NGO’s.


  • Ashley Nyiko Mabasa – Labour & Economics Sociology (Honours)
  • Nosipho Gumede – Hospitality Manager (Diploma)


We spent Mandela Day with the remarkable children living in Doornkop, Soweto.

Although these children are fighting against poverty and hunger on a daily basis, our team members were met with beaming smiles. After a heart-warming welcome, the day was filled with fun and games, which was wrapped up with a lunch for all of the 238 children.

Mandela Day 2018

Motona together with its associated companies, made a difference to the children of the Ratang Bana home in Alexandra on Mandela Day. On what would have been his 100th birthday, the staff spent time playing with the children.  The older boys played a game of soccer while the younger kids learnt how to bowl.

Every weekday, the Ratang Bana centre feeds the local children of Alexandra to ensure that they receive a meal at least once a day.  Their centre is beautifully maintained and the vegetable gardens are of particular interest to the centre.  They spend time rejuvenating the seeds from the plants that have been harvested to be cooked for their meals, then planting them back into the soil.

The centre has a large playground for the many children to play together with proper sanitation facilities and kitchen.  The kitchen feeds over 325 children every day and on the weekend over 500 come with AMI Ministries.  AMI Ministries cooks a warm meal to deliver to the centre for the children.

The library was converted to include 6 abused and abandoned children and every inch of the centre is used to support Alexandra’s needy children.

Bayete made a difference by bringing along 400 fun food packs which included a hotdog, a Bar One, packet of chips with a much needed fruit and a juice to enjoy.  They not only fed the children and played with them but also replaced their mobile kitchen’s tyres. 4 Tyres were donated for this mobile kitchen which is utilized to feed the community.

The shade cloth used to protect the precious vegetable garden, was destroyed in a storm and had to be replaced.  Thanks to the efforts of the Bayete team, this was replaced as part of the Mandela Day celebrations.  A much needed 28L urn was also donated.



Womens Day 2018
Motona and associated companies made a big difference to women on one of South Africa’s iconic days designed just for women of all ages.
We donated sanitary towels, roll on deodorant, toothpaste, soap and face cloths on the 8th August.  This was to assist the Siyasizana Foundation, which focuses on improving the living conditions of children from underprivileged backgrounds, and they have been dedicated to this goal since June 2017. In the past year of being an active organisation they have been able to feed over 2000 children at Thusong Youth Centre in Alexandra, provide these children with blankets during the winter season, they threw them a successful Christmas Party, donated reading books to Emfundisweni Primary Schools library, donated over 300 packets of pads to a girls home in Hillbrow and necessities to an abandoned babies home in Hillbrow called Door Of Hope.
Their aim is to change the culture of giving back into our communities while empowering the youth as they are young people themselves.
The women of Bayete Capital made their way to Ratang Bana in Alexandra to distribute the Elle Cups. Elle International is a Non Profit Organization began in 2016 out of the need to empower young women in South Africa. Primarily they focus on areas of sexual-reproductive health as well as comprehensive education to promote dignity, education, health and socio-economic inclusion. They aim to provide a platform to serve women through comprehensive education around sustainable menstrual hygiene management.
Currently Elle Cup are actively involved in a number of high schools by providing education and training to school girls and teachers. On average, 1/10 girls drop out of school due to inadequate means to manage their menstruation. They strive to change these statistics through education and partnerships with organisations who also focus on women empowerment. Elle International aims to assist in meeting the longer term global challenges, such as put forward in the 2017 Sustainable development Goals to facilitate reducing school drop out rates amongst adolescent girls due to inadequate means/education and facilities to manage menstruation.
The cups were very well received by the young girls, who were very curious about the cup.  The cup can last up to 15 years if properly cared for.
The younger girls weren’t left out, they got to meet Snow White, who had accompanied the team, and much to their excitement, they were told stories and got to play games for the afternoon!

Our Process In Bill Protection

Step 1

List of customers to be covered for the month is created

Step 2

Invoice to be paid prior to the month of cover is sent

Step 3

Customer claim is checked against qualifying list

Step 4

Claim is paid to company which credits debtor’s account

Step 5

Efficient, professional process is repeated every month

Motona is in strategic insurance partnership with the renowned Seico Group and is 100% underwritten by one of the most established and most respected insurance institutions in the world, Lloyds of London.

Transparency & Disclosure

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Contact Us

Contact Details

  • Tel: + 27 (0) 10 005 6777
  • Fax: + 27 (0) 86 273 2820
  • E-mail: info@motona.co.za

Physical Address

    • 35 Ferguson Road,
    • Illovo, Sandton, 2196
  • PO Box 782090
  • Sandton, 2146,
  • South Africa